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For David Lawrence his appointment as the first Zoastrian Ambassador comes as a huge honour (and a rather startling surprise).

As his country’s first Official Representative he strives to illuminate & explain the customs & traditions which have made Zoastria such an unforgettably odd place. Until now it has been a land shrouded in mystery & legend – however it is his intention that through this website & his Facebook page he will be able to present the ‘Land of Singing Snakes’ and the ‘Realm of the Gilded Felon’ in a more kindly light.

From humble origins as a Goat Warbler’s apprentice David Lawrence has had a diverse, and sometimes scatological career.
It was whilst scraping a living as an artist & commercial illustrator (promoting brands of hemorrhoid cream, baldness cures & fish food) that he was enchanted by his first visit to Zoastria - when he missed his bus home from a holiday on the Isle of Shyte and took a wrong turning somewhere on the long way home.
By subsequently overcoming the myriad problems of visa, currency, language & the constantly shifting time/space interface, he made repeated visits to Zoastria in the following years, becoming first a Correspondent, then an Apologist and then finally a Devotee of the Parallel Kingdom.

Recent growing interest in Zoastria has led the Grand Vizier, John Felix Foulbreath, and his Chief Necromancer, Percy Portly, to take the momentous decision to end the Kingdom’s many millennia of isolation (‘as long as it doesn’t cost too much’, said Mme. Portly).
It was whilst ‘resting’ (following a brief period of incarceration) that David Lawrence read of the newly created post of Ambassador in the Small Ads column of the Ghastleighmouth Chronicle.
He was galvanized and instantly applied – and, to his amazement, he was given the post without so much as an interview.

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